Thursday, November 09, 2006


By Tweed

The Bush administration responded to the GOP's trouncing at the polls on November 7, 2006:

"We think that the Democratic Party is in its death throws," said Vice President Dick Cheney, noting that Trent Lott was easily re-elected in Mississippi.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was more circumspect, noting that the defeat of the insurgent democrats promised to be a "long, hard slog."

Ken Melman, Chairman on of the GOP and one of the architects of Bush's re-election in 2004 claimed that the democrats' recent successes were an indication that the Republican's were winning. "They are lashing out, and are under pressure. If we weren't so successful, if we weren't taking the fight to them. . . of course we'd have fewer casualties."

White House spokesman Tony Snow attempted to back-peddle on some of the White House's earlier predictions about the election results. "We never said. . . the President never predicted that the Republican party would retain control of the House and Senate - he never said that."

Some conservative pundits have even suggested that Tuesday's results were part of a "flypaper" strategy. "Democrats are now flocking to Congress," said one conservative. "Now we'll know where they are and hopefully, more will be drawn to DC. We'd rather fight them here than...or fight them at home....Am I in the right room?"

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